Denver Direct: January 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

NOTES FROM THE NEW DRUG WAR by Jessica LeRoux – Jan 29, 2015

Dear members of the Senate Finance committee,

I am writing today because I have had a chance to review SB15-1115 the sunset bill for SB10-1284. Since I don’t see much flesh on that bone yet I’d like a chance to tell you what I see as the BEST way to move the medical industry forward.

Ideally we could do away with vertical integration or make it optional but not compulsory. At the very least we could do away with the 70/30 requirements ASAP. The problem with vertical integration is that when businesses went recreational in january of 2013 they were required to convert a portion of their dedicated medical grow space to do so. A majority of owners converted much greater than 50% of the grow space to recreational plants, and 20-30% of owners have done away with medical sales growing entirely. This means that the dedicated medical OPC space today is less than 35% of what it was in 2013. At this same time the medical registry has grown by approximately 8000-9000 people. It is imperative that there be adequate amounts of top quality medical grade cannabis to supply the needs of these patients in a safe retail setting.