Denver Direct: Methadone dispensary set to go in at 1620 Gaylord

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Methadone dispensary set to go in at 1620 Gaylord

Building on the left is the proposed site of the methadone dispensary
(Information as of 9/27/2014)
meeting tentatively set for
2, 2014
at The Church in the City, 16th and

Chy (720 337-8882), who is the Chief of Staff for our City
Councilman Albus Brooks, is helping by finding out some basic information about
the clinic so that we can have a foundation that includes what issues/problems
have neighbors encountered with the clinic at its former location at 18th and

The goal is 

…to have a community meeting attended by neighbors,
Councilman Brooks, the clinic operator, and the person associated with the
clinic that made the decision to move the location to 1620 Gaylord.

The objective

…of the meeting is to make sure that people have a chance
to ask questions and understand what is going on with the property and the
impact that it may have.

I’m not sure

…if anything can be done to stop this as my understanding
is that the property is a “right by use,” and others/realtors can
explain this better than I can. At the very least we can learn from Councilman
Brooks what options are available to us; and, we can learn from the clinic
staff what the dynamics are.

Frank Locantore

2145 E. 16th Ave.

Uptown on the Hill Neighborhood Association President

Up to 200 people
a day are anticipated to go to this clinic to receive their daily dose of

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