Denver Direct: Congress Park Street Repaving

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Congress Park Street Repaving

From Councilwoman Jeanne Robb’s Office and Denver Department of Public Works:

The re-paving of the following streets in the Congress Park neighborhood is about to begin:

6th Avenue to Colfax

Josephine to Steele

Starting later this week the No Parking/ Tow Away signs will be placed and edge milling work will begin as preparation for the actual milling (repaving) of the streets.  Once the edge milling is completed on a given street, the No Parking signs will be temporarily removed until the crew returns to do the milling, at which time the No Parking signs will go back in.  

Please note that No Parking/Tow Away  signs go in 1 or 2 days in advance of the actual work.  Also, they don’t do streets and avenues at the same time so as to leave some parking alternatives.   The contractor, Cutler, will be distributing flyers to the all residences on each street.  Cars can be towed, usually to another place in the neighborhood, at any time that the No Parking/Tow Away signs are in place.