Denver Direct: The future of the City Park West Neighborhood Organization (CPWNO)

Monday, May 12, 2014

The future of the City Park West Neighborhood Organization (CPWNO)

Dear City Park West Neighborhood Organization members,
I am writing today to discuss the future of the CPWNO. Many of you know that I took on the role of
president to accomplish three things: to fulfill the responsibility of sharing information from the city via email and by hosting representatives at the meetings, to build a stronger community by increasing
membership and partnering with other community groups, and to organize and conduct community
events with an emphasis on service.
At this point in time I believe I have achieved some of these goals. I have included a timeline of the
organization from the first reformation meetings to date. As a group we have accomplished many great things and made great progress towards these goals.
However, as I have learned firsthand, it is quite difficult to achieve many of these goals without
financing and an established organizational and communication structure. It is with this thought in mind that I believe we should dissolve our organization and participate in one of the two other organizations that share our boundaries – Uptown on the Hill and Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Inc. I have provided contact information for both organizations at the end of this letter. However, if there is anyone that would like to continue with this organization I will gladly pass on the information required for continued operation.

It is my intent to focus my energy towards the betterment of our neighborhood through these means
and I urge all of you to participate as well. I would like you all to know it was with great thought that
that I came to this decision. I sincerely believe that our community can benefit the most through
participation with these organizations.
I will remain available to all via email and please do not hesitate to contact me with community ideas or concerns.
Best Regards,
Ean Tafoya
[email protected]

Dec-12 Made contact with the City to seek neighbors for CPWNO
Jan-13 Made Contact with Community Planning, Mayor’s Office, and District 8 Office
Feb-13 Began Meeting as small reorganization group (bi weekly)
Mar-13 Continued Bi-weekly meetings
Apr-13 Continued Bi-weekly meetings
May-13 Continued Bi-weekly meetings/Solicited and developed Logo
Jun-13 Distributed Flyers with 1st Meeting and BlockbyBlock
Jul-13 1st Meeting – Distributed Flyers to residents/ Registered the RNO with City
Aug-13 Featured in Life on Capitol Hill – Conducted BlockbyBlock Clean up (3
Sep-13 Meeting to discuss next steps and survey results/Discussed 22nd and Marion
rezoning Oct-13 Held Elections/Discussed Funding and SOS affiliation/22nd and Marion rezoning
Nov-13 Submitted SustainableNeighborhoods Application/Discussed 22nd and Marion
Dec-13 No Meeting Held
Jan-14 Renewed RNO Application/ Discussed not being chosen for Sustainable
Neighborhood Program/Chose City Park Loop Focus Group Members
Feb-14 Hosted Parks and Rec and the Denver Police/Discussed partnerships with other
RNO’s/VP Resigns
Mar-14 Discussed Collaboration with Uptown on the Hill/City Park Loop/ Central
Recreation Center
Apr-14 Host Robin Kniech/Denver Police/Auditors Office/Complete Flyer for Outreach

Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Inc.
303.830.1651 President – Frank Locantore
[email protected] 303-895-6377
Uptown on the Hill 
[email protected]
Neighborhood 2 Representatives
Jill Locantore & Alison Torvik