Denver Direct: Walkabout – Feb 8, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walkabout – Feb 8, 2014

Out and about near 16th and York

Geese expand their territory south of City Park in front of my house. I rarely see them this far from City Park. Note our properly shoveled sidewalks.
With the announcement that the Central Recreation Center (16th and Josephine) will begin design phase, I guess the Wooley Dog Park (world’s most expensive at $7 million) will eventually be closed.
The City of Denver never takes its sidewalk shoveling seriously. It will undoubtedly take a law suit to make the City pay attention to it duties, if ever.
Former 7-11 at Colfax and Josephine is getting a facelift.

Across the alley from the Old 7-11, also on Colfax, the Arby’s is now gone (did you know that Arby’s stood for RB = roast beef?). I remember when it was built, but, as usual, I don’t remember what was there before. This corner, Colfax and York, must be very valuable. It is now for lease but I wouldn’t be surprised if the building were torn down and replaced with something much bigger, as it includes the parking lot to the south. Maybe a mixed-use 7-story with retail and apartments. Did you know that condo construction in Denver has virtually stopped, due to excessive litigation?