Denver Direct: The Pirates and their clever plot to steal our Park in a court of law on May 19, 2014.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Pirates and their clever plot to steal our Park in a court of law on May 19, 2014.

Good Morning,

I just took David to the bus stop so he can take the light rail to work.  The sun was shining, soft breezes blowing, and hints of spring in the air.  I can’t wait to see the earth
become alive with new growth again. Speaking of growth, the construction continues in Hampden Heights North Park unabated as if laws do not apply to the most powerful
and mighty, which brings me to the purpose of this posting.  We have a date with the most powerful and mighty.  We will get our chance to discuss the Pirates and their
clever plot to steal our Park in a court of law on May 19, 2014.  Our crew of unpaid workers is diligently interviewing people in the community, combing through old city records, and old historical documents putting together our court case that will show that it was never the intent of city government to have our parks used as development opportunities without a vote of the people. As in most endeavors, this court case will have its expenses.  And it is my hope that everyone will understand the importance of this court case and it’s far reaching implications for the future of our parks.

We are now in high alert mode that the time is NOW to kick in high gear our efforts to raise funds for this case.  We were able to get a good start on funding in the fall with our
Hootenanny Good Time BBQ Dinner but still have a need for more funds to present our case in the best manner possible.   We looked at our website and saw that currently
there has been twelve thousand and forty visitors on our website and this number is not including the visits total on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If each  person who
visited our sites had made even a small donation, we wouldn’t be needing to continue fundraising.

So that being said,  we hope to encourage folks to consider a crowd funding effort by joining Friends  of Denver Parks as an honorary member for $25.00, or contributing what you can.  Or you can think about organizing a fundraiser for Friends of Denver Parks such  as a bake sale, spaghetti dinner, garage sale.  Its the best way I know of creating community in your neighborhoods.  Having a common goal and working together.  We have a puppet show being created as a benefit currently. Possibly someone can organize a concert.

We have every intention of working hard to win this court case.  We are going to Win!!

For Future Generations And For The Community Today, Saving Our Parks from Development Without a Vote Of The People Is Worth Our Every Effort!!


Our Theme this year is “ Let’s Have Fun” which has led to Friends of Denver Parks to signing up to be in the St Patrick’s Day Parade.   We want to do something fun and honor our inner Leprechaun’s.  We would like to invite all those “Green Shirts” out there to join us for a fun day as an entry in the parade.   Shawn and I are already working on a giant Owl for the top of the car.  Athena the Owl is still in her chicken wire stage, we hope to have signs to carry (Mary is our official sign person) and if you have a child’s wagon at home, maybe you can decorate it in a parks lover  theme to pull your own personal small float in the parade.  Everyone who cares about the future of our Parks is invited to come have some fun marching in the parade.

So Let’s Have Fun Along the Way!!  Come show your support for Friends of Denver Parks!!



Friends of Denver Parks
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