Denver Direct: Please join us at City Loop Stakeholder/Focus Group meetings!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Please join us at City Loop Stakeholder/Focus Group meetings!

The City has scheduled two meetings at Bogey’s on the Park (26th & York) from 6:00-8:30pm and will provide a Taco bar.

Wednesday, February 26th
Wednesday, March 12th

As far as we know, Parks & Rec may have invited as many as 100 representatives to participate: 42 Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) were asked to submit 2 reps each, and an unknown number of schools were asked to submit two reps each from their Parent Teacher groups (PTSOs).
As we understand P&R’s rules about such meetings, only the people invited are allowed to speak, but anyone from the public is allowed to attend. For those who aren’t an invited group representative, we suggest you wear a hat to show you’re a silenced observer. We’ve also heard that the City intends to stay after the official event is over to give everyone who wasn’t invited a chance to speak.

We’ve documented what we know as best we can, based on communications we’ve pieced together from the City.

The following neighborhood organizations (RNOs) have approved Resolutions regarding City Loop: Greater Park Hill, South City Park, and Whittier. Other RNOs representing neighborhood residents are carefully considering City Loop and thoughtfully choosing members to represent them at the City’s Stakeholder/Focus group meetings, including North City Park, City Park West, and Cole.