Denver Direct: MARIJUANA MUCH? (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


from  Kevin Mahmalji 
Across the Nation:
California Raids Destroy Sick Kids’ Medical Marijuana Supply
Pass or Fail? Predictions for the 2014 Mid-Term Election Cannabis Initiatives
Washington’s Marijuana Miasma, Taxes and Regulation Make State’s Legalization Effort Go to Pot
Where Marijuana Legalization Votes Are Happening Nov. 4
Letters & Opinions:
Alaskans should learn from Colorado, vote no on marijuana initiative
Stocks & Business:
Al Capone’s legacy hampering legal marijuana shops
Looking For The Cheapest Weed In The U.S.? Head To Oregon
Olympia’s second legal pot store could open before Thanksgiving
Uruguay Registers Cannabis Growers’ Clubs, Taking Another Step Towards Legal Pot
Anyone Who Thinks Amendment 2 Was Made to Get Pot to Kids, Haven’t Asked the Kids
A Trip to California for Legal Medical Marijuana Brings Relief to Kids from CannaMoms
Pro-weed ads prompt blunt exchange between campaigns
Washington City Paper reminds you not to light up weed in public after tomorrow’s election