Denver Direct: Notes from the New Drug War by Jessica LeRoux – Oct. 15, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Notes from the New Drug War by Jessica LeRoux – Oct. 15, 2014

Pabon is a lazy political panderer… We dont have a problem of caregivers who are using the registry, abusing the system to create a black market.
We have a black market of people who are just growing as many plants as they like completely outside of both the license & caregiver systems… and licensees who divert large quanitiies from unlicensed grows… and people who move here under the radar just to grow & ship home to an established market in another state… And private people who just sold one bag to a neighbor… and there is confusion at best on the part of law enforcement over who has jurisdiction over the so- called black market, so there has been very very little enforcement of the laws actually on the books… So we have a complex problem that will not disappear by jerking Pabon’s Knee, like a jack booted thug, yet again, into the soft belly of sickly patients. Read more.

As a result of committee discussion and deliberation, the Use of Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax Revenues Interim Study Committee recommends the following two bills for consideration in the 2015 legislative session.
Bill A — Marijuana Issues Not Regulated by DOR. This bill makes several changes concerning medical marijuana and caregivers. The bill requires caregivers to register with the Department of Public Health and Environment in addition to the Department of Revenue, as required under current law. Caregivers who fail to register with either agency are prohibited from acting as a caregiver in the future and may be subject to prosecution under existing criminal offenses. The bill also requires the State Board of Medical Examiners to issue guidelines on medical marijuana recommendations by physicians for severe pain and informed consent for patients receiving marijuana from caregivers. The bill requires the Department of Revenue and the Department of Public Health and Environment to share the minimum amount of information necessary to ensure that a medical marijuana patient only has one caregiver and is not using both a caregiver and a medical marijuana center. Any costs under the bill will be paid from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund.

whoa nelly: they are only targeting the MEDICAL registry for increased enforcement… not focused at all on people who dont participate in any form of licensing/caregiver registry… Fucks sake these people dont understand either the way revenue works or BLACK MARKETS!