Aurora quadruple homicide suspect back in Colorado

A man accused of shooting and killing four people in Aurora last fall returned to Colorado on Sunday after waiving extradition during a hearing in Arizona last week.

Joseph Castorena, 21, is now being held at the Arapahoe County Detention Facility in Centennial.

After spending weeks on the run, Castorena was arrested Dec. 10 in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes with assistance from the FBI, local police, Mexican immigration and the Mexican government.

He was wanted in connection with the deadly shooting Oct. 30 in the 900 block of Geneva Street in Aurora. The victims were identified as:

Jesus Serrano, 51
Maria Anita Serrano, 22
Kenneth Eugene Green Luque, 20
Rudolfo Salgado Perez, 49
Three of the victims are relatives of Castorena’s ex. The other victim rented an RV on the property and was killed when he came out in the midst of the shooting.

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Title: Aurora quadruple homicide suspect back in Colorado
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