Migrants sense ''freedom'' as they arrive in Denver

Denver is one of the most accessible cities for Venezuelans who enter the United States through El Paso, Texas.

Those who arrive in El Paso can make it directly to Denver by bus or make a first stop in Albuquerque. The accessibility means that migrants who have other destinations make it to Denver, even if only for a few days before traveling through.

Roberto crossed into El Paso five days before Christmas. He spent his days there on the sidewalk outside of Sacred Heart Church, waiting each night for a place to stay in the church that opened as an overnight shelter. Like many other migrants, Roberto felt stalled in El Paso, trying to figure out how to move on without money and without the necessary paperwork.

“Look, the fear of leaving is here in El Paso. The departure issue is how difficult it is for us right now to get out of El Paso,” said Roberto, when we initially interviewed him at the border.
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Title: Migrants sense ”freedom” as they arrive in Denver
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z6UQAlQ34o


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