RAW: Body camera footage show moments just after deadly Olde Town Arvada shooting

Editor’s Note: This video contains graphic content and may be difficult for some viewers to watch.

Newly-released security video shows the moment a good Samaritan jumped into action to stop a shooter in Olde Town Arvada in June.

This week, prosecutors decided not to charge Arvada police officer Kraig Brownlow, who shot and killed that good Samaritan, Johnny Hurley.

Hurley was killed after he shot a man who had shot another officer. Hurley was holding the man’s gun when the officer shot him, according to police.

The incident began when Officer Gordon Beesley was called to investigate a suspicious person on Olde Town Square. As Beesley walked through an alley, the suspect got out of his truck with a shotgun, ran after Beesley, and shot him twice, according to Arvada police.

The suspect then ran back to his truck, retrieved an AR-15, and ran back toward Olde Town Square, where Hurley confronted him and shot him with a handgun, according to police.

Another responding officer saw Hurley holding the suspect’s AR-15 and shot him, police said.

More local videos here: https://bit.ly/2Pa0d1l
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Title: RAW: Body camera footage show moments just after deadly Olde Town Arvada shooting
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=irdE23rabRM


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