Global National: Dec. 22, 2022 | "Once in a generation" storm sweeps central US, snarls travel plans

On this episode of Global National: It’s a nightmare, a few days before Christmas. Millions of travellers in Canada and the U.S. are at the mercy of monster storms. Jackson Proskow looks at the rare major Arctic blast blanketing the U.S.

Then, Touria Izri has reactions to the warnings, the festering frustration for travellers across North America, and what’s making the situation even worse.

The “Let Her Learn” movement is gaining momentum across Afghanistan, where the Taliban is banning women from universities. Crystal Goomansingh reports on what critics say needs to be done to help women get their freedom back.

And one issue highlighted by the pandemic is the vulnerability of seniors, who often live alone, or need care in an industry with limited resources and staff. Technology could be a big help, though. Anne Gaviola explains how artificial intelligence is improving the lives of the elderly and the concerns about privacy.

Plus, Mike Drolet looks at how the Toronto-based charity “No Dogs Left Behind” is saving dogs from disease and danger in war-torn Ukraine.

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Title: Global National: Dec. 22, 2022 | “Once in a generation” storm sweeps central US, snarls travel plans
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