Bennet, O''Dea debate in race for Colorado Senate seat

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet faces a challenge from Republican challenger and business owner Joe O’Dea for one of Colorado’s two U.S. Senate seats.

Bennet, the senior U.S. senator from Colorado, has held the seat since 2009. Prior to his appointment, Bennet was the superintendent of Denver Public Schools. He also served as chief of staff to Sen. John Hickenlooper when the latter was Denver mayor.

In his reelection run in 2016, Bennet received more votes than any other Democrat in a statewide race in Colorado history.

O’Dea is a self-proclaimed “political outsider” and CEO of a Colorado construction company that he founded 30 years ago. He previously worked as a union carpenter.

O’Dea was in the news recently for firing back against criticism from former President Trump, who called him a Republican in name only (RINO) and said MAGA voters would not vote for him. This came after O’Dea said he would “actively campaign against” Trump in 2024.

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Title: Bennet, O”Dea debate in race for Colorado Senate seat
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