The breakthrough new DNA evidence that could find JonBenét Ramsey''s killer | 60 Minutes Australia

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Her big blue eyes, even bigger blond hair, and perfect smile are all instantly recognisable. It’s JonBenét Ramsey, the six-year-old beauty pageant princess murdered in her own home. 25 years on from the crime, whoever did it remains free. For her father John, that’s unbearably painful, but he hasn’t given up on the killer being found. In fact, with advances in DNA technology, he says there’s a strong likelihood this mystery can finally be solved. Incredibly though, John faces a roadblock in his search for the truth — the very police who are in charge of the investigation.

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By: 60 Minutes Australia
Title: The breakthrough new DNA evidence that could find JonBenét Ramsey”s killer | 60 Minutes Australia
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