Illuminati, Lizard People, and "Blucifer": The History of Denver Airport Conspiracies

Do you know why the Denver International Airport, the largest in the United States, has become a hotbed of batsh*t bonkers conspiracy theories over the past decade? Secret Illuminati symbols? A hidden nuclear launch site? An Area 51-esque alien research facility? These are all real (and by real, we don’t mean true) theories that have been floating around the Internet. In this episode, we dive into the admittedly dicey history of DIA, find out how “Blucifer,” the notorious mustang statue outside of the airport, became “cursed,” and uncover how the airport’s marketing team has totally leaned into the madness. Hot Janae Price covers all this and more, in just under 7 minutes.

Did you know the history of the sex toy dates back millions of years? Or that McDonald’s McRib drew inspiration from the U.S. military? Or, that the modern tailgate might have been invented during a Civil War battle? In History of… Thrillist is taking you through a rapid-fire crash course on some of humankind’s greatest innovations in food, drink, travel, and fun. Hey, if you can keep up, you actually might learn something!


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By: Thrillist
Title: Illuminati, Lizard People, and “Blucifer”: The History of Denver Airport Conspiracies
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