Funeral for Lyft driver who was shot and killed in downtown Seattle

The community came together at Abu-Bakr Islamic Center in Tukwila Wednesday to support the family of Mohamed Kediye who was shot and killed while driving for Lyft in downtown Seattle last weekend.

Kediye, 48, was a supportive father who just wanted to provide a better life for his six children and wife, his family said.

“It’s so sad… Yesterday they had a father, today they don’t have a father, they don’t have anyone to support them,” said Ahmad Geelle, a family friend.

Kediye was shot and killed Sunday at 8:30 p.m. near the corner of 7th Avenue and Lenora Street in downtown Seattle. The family said he was parked on the side of the road, about to complete his last ride of the night for Lyft, before returning home. According to the family, police told them a vehicle pulled alongside his car and that’s when someone shot and killed Kediye.

“The family they need… to have justice for the beloved one, that they lost in downtown Seattle,” said Geelle.

Meanwhile, friends from the Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association are shaken up by the death of one of their own.

“They have been in a state of shock for quite a while and have advocated that the safety of the drivers be a priority for the city,” said Ahmed Mumin, the Executive Director of Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association

Mumin said this is the fourth rideshare driver who has been killed in the Seattle area while on the job in the past two years.


By: KING 5
Title: Funeral for Lyft driver who was shot and killed in downtown Seattle
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