Elevating Denver: September 2022

Here’s what’s coming into view on Elevating Denver for September 2022.

We cruise down to the 4th annual La Raza Park Day.
One of the biggest Low Rider events of the season that is a vibrant celebration of culture through music, food, and community in North Denver.

The Luna family has had a profound impact on the Denver metro area and statewide for decades. Bringing a unique blend of art and athletics, their imprint on local culture is undeniable. Elevating Denver sits down with members of the Luna family to discuss their deep roots and their continuing legacy.

September is Suicide Prevention month, and Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. We spoke with a mother who lost her son to suicide, and take a look at on of the City’s efforts to address teen suicide and mental health at the ‘We Got This’ summit.

¡Salud y Justicia! is an exhibit that displays powerful artwork and amplifies the conversation around Mental Health in the Latinx Community. On display until September 24th at Museo de las Americas in Denver.

Artist Lizeth Hernandez explains how her art is inspired by her mom and how it pays homage to her struggles and journey to America as well as opening the door to have honest and necessary conversations around mental health.

Curator of Large Mammals at the Denver Zoo, Maura Davis, spoke to Elevating Denver about the care given to the mile-high city’s pachyderms. Toyota Elephant Passage at Denver Zoo is home to five male Asian elephants that have formed a loose bachelor herd. The boys club consists of Groucho, Billy, Bodhi, Chuck and Jake. The boys look to 52 year old Groucho to learn how to be a male elephant. The personalities of the elephants range from playful youth, to serious adult, but all serve to elevate understanding of this magnificent species. The zoo staff studies the social development and herd behaviors of males, and exchanges that information with other zoos round the world conducting similar research. Witness first hand the medical care involved in protecting these mammals. Plasma draws help combat infections, and keep the herd here at home, and across the country, healthy. Take a look behind the scenes of the Denver Zoo with Elevating Denver.

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By: City and County of Denver
Title: Elevating Denver: September 2022
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=t28AhbkHKUI


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