Megadrought: the new normal?

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Grady Hillhouse – What Happens When a Reservoir Goes Dry?

00:00 – Welcome and presenter introductions
07:51 – Case study-Colorado River Basin
17:26 – Potential water-saving solutions
21:11 – Greywater Irrigation
26:29 – Why is Greywater unpopular?
29:11 – Greywater take-up solutions
34:09 – Q&A
51:32 – Closing remarks
54:51 – Beau Miles – next webinar

***Description*** Webinar number 143
If you pick a continent today, whichever one you choose, drought or megadrought is likely to be impacting water supplies and water management. Asia, North America, and Europe are seeing large riverine systems and lake beds drying up with no end in sight.

This presentation will utilise the Colorado River Basin (CRB) of North America as a prime example of the impacts of a megadrought from a social, environmental and economic standpoint. Future projections will be addressed and solutions will be weighed, along with the balance between adaptation and activism. Can individual water conservation efforts make a difference in such a large-scale crisis?

As water utilities around Australia and worldwide promote water conservation through extensive public relations campaigns, climate change and other pressures on supply continue. Join us for a presentation of the latest research showing the most effective water conservation methods, including a summary of the costs and benefits of greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting, reservoir evaporation reduction techniques, wastewater reclamation, canal lining measures, and more.

By: Australian Water School
Title: Megadrought: the new normal?
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